ESP Quantum Speed Reading

The quantum speed reading or perusing is a comprehensive course of fifty hours. As we, as a whole realize that perusing connects with the brain eyes, ears, mouth, and mind that together decide the pace by utilizing the resources and the provided stimulus in a successful manner. Speed Reading is the upgrade program which depends on the ultra-quick perusing, remembering and repeating and henceforth the understudy sees the capacity to comprehend the procedure of the initiation of the picture, likewise, it lets the mind to see an unmistakable picture and the approach of picture essentially is like the association of survey movies. The target of this fifty hours of speed perusing course is to improve the abilities of the tyke, in order to enable the child for super speed perusing, incredible memory maintenance and snappier update.

As the child progresses through this advanced course the perusing is enhanced, the text seems to be converted into pictorial form and is grasped by the right brain rapidly and can be reproduced through effective verbal expression, as the child narrates wat he/she could gauge from the story through flipping the pages. The process is similar to recollecting the seen film. As the children continue to arduously follow the process their perusing is strengthened and their speed to grasp and retrieve is highlighted, this eventually results in expanding the memory capacity, maintenance of material and enhancing general learning ability.

With the fast progress of the vacillations, the propulsion of the mind’s capacity to visualize the pictures and present it in a sequence like the running of the film reel is increased. With this increased ability to grasp and present the brain tends to modify in accordance with the lines of scrutinizing, see the substance particularly from the reflected picture seeing, in this way uncommonly quickening the scrutinizing rate.

This course focuses to energize changes in scholastics execution, counterbalance center, upgrades memory power, boosting of the sureness, inventive capacity, physical prosperity, excited leftover portion and over all learning of the child.

The enhancers of speed reading:

  • Conceptualize (Visualize)
  • Natural Perception (Normal vision)
  • Relaxation
  • Continuous daily practice

Conceptualize (Visualize): A crucial step engaged in speed reading. The child is encouraged to visualize and report through verbal expression in his/her own words. The child is encouraged to narrate the content of the book that is presented to him/her.

Natural Perception (Normal vision): The visual acuity is worked on through training and the child is trained to see what is required as the focus of attention.

Relaxation: Stress is detrimental to learning and concentrating, an environment conducive for growth results in better understanding. To get clarity of the pace understanding, one must be casual while concentrating (envisioning). One can get a vibe for this easygoing feeling in the wake of doing the accommodating examining movement. When you get a vibe for how to honest to goodness loosen up while imagining, it will get the chance to be less requesting at whatever point you do speed examining.

Continuous daily practice: The noteworthiness of consistent practice cannot be dismissed. The elaborate course of Quantum Speed Reading one notices an evident change to grasp and learn things and a lucid way to express them. The 50 hours course has effective follow up sessions where the children are prepared at the advance level to be able to read even foreign text without prior knowledge.

The concept of Quantum Speed Reading evolved from Japan. Aiming to unfold the amazing potential of producing the content of the book just by flipping the pages, it has touched and transformed numerous abilities of children and adult.

Advantage of Quantum Speed Reading: QSR results in improvisation of:

  • Precognitive capacity
  • Memory change for the better
  • Instinct advancement
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Concentration
  • Power of Imagination
  • Emotional control
  • Groundbreaking- shuttering self-imposed limitations
  • Basic:
    Child will be able to briefly percept the book outline, the contents and ending.
  • Medium:
    Child will be able to sense the book contents of 40 to 60%.
  • Advance:
    Child will be able to sense the book contents of 70 to 90%.


BEEP –ESP QSR workshop Time Parent’s session Recommended age group Class size Training teams
2 days and every weekend follow up sessions of 4 hrs for a period of 3 months 9am – 5pm 1 hour/day (preview/ demo) 7 – 12 years (13-16yrs teenager workshop) 5 – 20 students 1 trainer (1assistant guidance 4 students)